This is a small sample from the hundreds of genuine testimonials sent to me by my customers. They are unedited and therefore some spelling mistakes may occur.

If you aren't at the forefront of the dating scene you are losing out to these guys who are. This guide will give you a competitive advantage in the dating game as these guys show:


"Thank you Tiffany! You've turned my life around. Ever since High School I have always been seen as the nice guy, but nice guys generally don't get laid! I'm 23 now and only just had my first kiss 1 month ago. It was magical and I owe it to you and your advice. Thanks!"

This one is from an angry woman received via Email. I'm strangely quite proud of this one because it lets me know I'm doing my job right :)

"how in the world could you tell every frickin man in theis world what women want?! you totally betrayed your own female race this way!! [irate rant snipped]...
I cant beleive you would do this."

"I just want to say The "HEART OF STONE" principle is wonderful! WORKS GREAT!! THANKS"

Received from Robert F. by Email

"Hi tiff,
its imran, thanx for the great tips, i dont have a problem getting women,
just wanna step up my game a little, i dont really know what to say to a hot
girl that ive just seen, wont know how to approach her, another thing, i
tried to geg access to hypnodate but its not allowibg me to do so, it might
be the wrong password. but the rest of it was wicked, promise me u'll be my
m8 for eva.LOL. i would like to meet you some day so i can learn from you,
well not only that...until then peace and 1 luv

Imran x"

Received from Imran M by Email

"I'm really learning a lot since my divorce, about  some of the things you say in your information. It seems like a whole new world is opening up to me now. I never thought much of it because of being married for many years and now divorced. Reading your stuff helps overcome the setbacks that I had. I think if I had one question it would have to be: What if I was with a hot babe such as yourself, and we had great sex together and things were going OK in the relationship, (that's if there was one) or friendship, and now,  another guy comes into the picture, toward my girl, my date, what to do?? Many thoughts do indeed come to mind, but which is the best thing to do?"

Received from L J

"Thank you very much again for everything you did for me as a customer of yours."

Mory by Email

"Tiff, you have an inside understanding of women that I could never have grasped till now. Thank you for showing me what women really want, and how to give it to them!"

"Here is my question :

How an average man (financially average and not Brad Pitt in appearance) can seduce and keep for a long lasting time (perhaps lifetime) a model (for
instance : Mrs Amy Weber, Mrs Linda O'Neil or even Mrs Teanna Kai - or what
about you) and make her completely in love with him ?

Thank you for the great work"

Patrick L by Email

".. I got everything successfully downloaded. I have an older computer but it pulled through. I've already read into the first 25 pages of your main book and it is undeniably intoxicating, very good!!!.."

From Brian by Email

"Anyway I am eager to try this "Heart of Stone" technique on this one lady
that has been ebbing and flowing and not real sure what she wants to do...
If this technique has the outcome I'm hoping I'll be one of your biggest

This girl has been an elusive 'friend' for some time. We'll see how we go.

Cheers Tiff"

From Troy S, by Email.

"While I have been here, my wife had an affair with a friend of mine. She pursued him and I found out about it after I took her on a great 2-week romantic European getaway! It wasn't until I came back here and she was back home did I find out about it when she mistakenly sent me a cut/paste of her IM's with this guy that she had been saving. Needless to say, I was deeply hurt.

Now since my divorce, I have used your material to study so when I do go back to civilization, that I can put what I have learned from you into practice. I think having a printed version of all 3 of your editions would be great to allow me to make notes of important things I should remember so I attract the right woman this time instead of a despirate woman that can't wait one month since last seeing me. Let me say thanks again for your assistance in helping some of us find a good woman."

Pete B. via Email

"...I'm definetely interested. Let me know when. I've both enjoyed and
prospered from your insights and tips.



From Ken by Email

[When I asked SB if he'd be interested in me creating a hard copy version of my books, he wrote this:]

"I find that I am buying fewer and fewer hard copies of books as I find more and more topics of interest available in e-book formats online. I find the e-book format excellent for the information that I want from you."

S B. via Email

(note: you can now get a professionally produced paper back version of all 3 volumes of my eBook exclusively from my site - but only if you have first purchased the eBooks from here)

"Hey Tiff

Thanks for checking that I was able to get the book ok - yes, thank you.

I wanted to say I'm close to finishing the first 'Beginner's guide' (making
sure to start from the beginning to get the most benefit) and I have to say
it's a great read. After taking a long hard look at myself I have been way
too critical of myself and its time to say WOW to all the good things about
myself and start marketing them!

If you hear a rumble going on down under you'll know what's happening! ;)

I'm looking forward to continuing the 'read'.


T. S. via Email

"Hi you guys!!! 2 fine ladies in one weekend - sex with both of them!!! I fear what you have unleashed on the female population by exposing their secrets to me!!! LOL!!!"

"Thanks, you're the best (like you didn't already know that!) LOL Pete "

Pete via Email

"Hi TIFF,its been nice reading through your guide i really enjoy everybit of it infact rite now i feel like a star.."

Fred T. via Email

"THis is a wonderful site. I thought that i will not be able to make girlfriend but this sit made it true. Hardeep"

From Hardeep

"It is so dam easy to mistake shyness for lack of interest.  Your product saved me from suicide!"

Anonymous, sent no name, left the message on the feedback form.

"..I love tall girls and well my next question is can you lift 215 lbs on your
shoulders?  I wouldn't mind taking a ride lol.

I am going to enjoy every minute of reading trust me.

Hey thanksx



Gerard D, by Email

"hey tiff!!!
i went out on fri nite, talked to one girl but got totally ignored ( which
sux for her ) and then as i was leaving the place to go home there was this
girl walking towards me as i was on my way out and we were just looking at
each other, she was ssssooo cute!!  and as we got near i just went for it!!
we talked and amazingly i did all the talking and took the awkwardness away
and just made her smile, i got her number and we have been talking a fair
bit. but i dont think she's the one though but it was fun!! thanx for ur
help tiff!! "

Andrew A. via Email

"Hi  Tiff,
Great stuff so far thanks for helping me."

Received from Darrel B. by Email reply to members only Ezine

"You should write a sex guide! This info is da bomb!"

"..Is there actually a book called “Be the guy who gets the girl”? I see it on your site but it is not available in the member’s only site. Maybe I’m confused but I thought I was getting that book. BY the way, everything I have read so far is excellent. Even if I don’t get this book as expected, the material I have to date is some of the best. Thanks!"

Bill C. via Email

"Hello Tiff

To begin thanks for your speedy reply, and apologies for my late reply! There is no problems with the website - it was my mistake. I was using a limited search engine to find your members site. When I used the Google search engine, the site came up straight away. So I am right now devouring the unbelievable inside information on women that you have graciously provided for men like myself who have the best of intentions, but perhaps not the most efficient means in which to carry them out. Thanks Tiff.


From L. W. by Email

"...I know that will some day come to an end, but for now, it seems so tough getting though the past, and trying to keep up with my own bills. I don't want to sound like a cry baby, but I know all the information you send me is going to engage like magic, because I love reading it. Thanks Tiff, "

John. in Email

"..ive met miss right her names katy shes from my city.."

L N. via Email

[This testimonial comes from John who after losing his login username and password told me he'd buy it again if I couldn't find him in the system, now THAT'S somebody who loves my books :) - Tiff]

"..I hope some of the info I provided will be of some help to trace my purchase. If not, just let me know and I'll need to buy it again. Thanks for the help your products provide. John"

John. via Email

"Good Morning Doll Face, Loved the 'Menu' gig for a date. Got my girlfriend really excited but I won't tell all as yet. Got anymore of those type deals. If not, maybe you should do some more of those type date ideas, and put them in a book...:o) Just a suggestion. Take care, and Thanks"

Received in Email

"..Because your product is so wonderfull, so exciting and so fun! I love it..."

Jan. in an Email

"Well, I took your advice… I did not want to wait until Thursday anyway… J I think I laid this out pretty well….. Thanks for your help, and now I know I will ALWAYS get the number so I can at least get a shot at playing in the game……I am a GREAT opener, but a not so great closer….CLEARLY!!!! Thanks for everything! Peter "

Pete M. via Email

"I have bought almost every pickup guide on the net and I must say, yours is the first one that has gotten me results. I have never read a guide with true insight such as yours; it makes me wonder why I listened to all those other crazy guides written by dumb guys in the past. The author's probably never got laid anyway!"

"thank u now girls crawl over me i will no more get rejected by hot women"

No name sent in, received by Email

"I'm 42 and going through a divorce right now. My wife cheated on me. I have been out of the dating game for over 20 years and didn't know where to start. I am happy to say over the past few weekends using your advice and tips, I've met some of the most attractive women, and been on dates with two of them. Both want me to go out with them again! Thank you!"

"Hey Tiff, Is this one of your deals, i.e. part of one of your packages? I noticed that there are a few other ebooks on the ggg site now..

[long part of Email snipped to be brief]

..I've enjoyed reading what I've already gotten access to. It's good stuff. Smacky Van"

Received from Van E. by Email

"I always thought women wanted bad boys, you've shown me the truth!"

"I'm in my mid/late twenties and haven't had a proper girlfriend or even a date for about 6 years. I went bald at 21 and put a little weight on. I couldn't understand how any woman would want a small, fat, bald and penniless guy so my confidence fell out as fast as my hair. You have helped pick me up and helped me meet Tracy, she's the most beautiful girl and I really think I love her. Why she's want me I will never know but I'm guessing it has something to do with your guide. Thank you for showing me you don't have to be rich, good-looking or funny to get a great girl. I'll write to let you know if we get married!"

If you have had success with the Guy Gets Girl program, write to me and let me know! You may be featured in this section very soon!

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